Elo Boosting Jobs

Do you want to work online while playing the game you love ? Look no further, we are hiring highly skilled active players which are Diamond 1 and above !

The best perk of this – you start with a payout of 70% of the original price.

Strictly forbidden – Toxicity, Use of 3rd Party Software, Unauthorized spending of BE / RP please note that it will result in an immediate termination and no payout will be provided.


Do you have a fairly popular Twitch / YouTube / Instagram or Facebook page ? We offer commission up to 30% per sale.

Please note that your page or channel should be related to League of Legends or Gaming in general in order to partner up with us.

You can easily make your own custom link and track clicks / visitors in real time. Current Payout methods – PayPal or Bank Transfer, we will expand this soon.

Coaching Jobs

We are hiring Veteran League of Legends player with over 3 years of game knowledge, if you love passing people your knowledge and experience this should be great for you.

We require our Coaches to be on time and precise when scheduling sessions with clients, flexible work times and ability to create your own calendar schedule.

Fluent English knowledge is required, additional languages are a huge bonus !

Elo Boosting & League Coaching Jobs
Please provide us with your full discord name.
Please link the same account like in the screen shots.