We provide fast and professional boosting services in all tiers. Our boosters will boost 1 to 2 divisions per day on average.


Among all of the boosters, we choose only the best. This helped us achieve and maintain a high win rate during our boosts. The average win rate of our boosters is between 70% and 95%.


Elo Boost & Smurf Store is a company that  provides you with a safe service. While playing on your account our boosters use a VPN program every time they enter an account. VPN programs bring additional safety to your account so your account has 0% chance of being banned.

Welcome to Elo Boost & Smurf Store

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Cheapest and fastest elo boosting

Our Boosters will be using VPN to adapt to your country to maximize your account safety.

Our Boosters will never use your IP / RP without permission from the account owner. We will also not add/remove or Chat with anyone from your friendlist.

We will also keep you posted on your account progress in case you are not DuoQue with the Booster.

  • Solo Queue
  • Duo Queue
  • Coaching
  • LOL Accounts
  • Guaranteed identity protection
  • Fastest service available
  • Boost speed 2 division per day
  • Great Customer Support

What our clients said about us

  • I ordered 10 placement games DuoQ, we played together bot (he adc and me support). We won 8/10 games so had 80% winrate although i fed the enemies The trade went smooth and the service support was just awesome. He is a very kindly guy and definitely a great player ❤️
    Just can recommend him and his service!

  • Played few duoQ games with me in elo around P5-P3. Very good marksman, recommend him.

  • Very nice person. Asked to DuoQ with me from P1 to D5. The games looked so easy! He’s a very good player, and by far the nicest DuoQ booster I’ve met.
    If you’re looking for a DuoQ booster while actually enjoying the games, I would definitely recommend him!

  • Awesome booster, i reccomend you effective and fast, had a nice games with him. +1

  • I played duoQ with him from s1 – g5 and this guy is such a beast! Highly recommended

  • we played 2 games together and it was funny and intensive.
    he played professional and powerful.


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More About Us

Who are we?

We are a group of highly skilled players that will handle your orders in the most professional and friendly way possible.

We recently opened up the website so we are relatively new but so far we completed every single order succesfully and customers were more then satisfied.

Why would you choose us?

Because we are one of the top lol elo boosting websites with the cheapest prices for boosting. We want every client to be satisfied in order to be engaged again and recommend our services to others.

  • Because we guarantee quality.
  • Because we are effective.
  • Because we are friendly & helpful.
  • Because we are reliable.
  • Because we understand all your needs.

Our boosters

EUNE Challenger - 6 years of experience
EUW Challenger - 5 years of experience
EUNE Master - 5 years of experience
EUNE Diamond - 4 years of experience