Elo Boosting Q & A

How our service works?

By ordering from us and hiring Elo Boost & Smurf Store :

You are improving your League of Legends ranked Division / Tier and MMR in the ranked queue which you ordered.

After receiving your order and league of legends info, one of our high rank boosters ( Diamond 1 to Challenger ) will start playing on your account or with you if it’s Duo Queue.

Our boosters have the motivation and over 4 years of experience to bring you the fastest, high quality service which you won’t find elsewhere.

Which servers / regions are available right now?

We are currently supporting and working on the following servers :

  • North America
  • Europe West
  • Europe Nordic & East
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Ocenia

Soon we are going to expand and support also :

  • Japan
  • All other servers

You do not offer boosting for my server when will it change?

We are sorry to hear that,

We do our best each day to expand and cover more servers and to hire additional boosters that have remarkable performance on those servers.

Does the booster play on my account right away?

We do our best to assign a booster to play on your account as soon as possible,however because of the demand increase it might take up to few hours until the booster begins.

If a booster for some reason cannot complete the boost he will be replaced with a better, faster booster to meet every expectation that you have or you will be offered a full / partial refund depending on the situation and status of the order !

Can a booster use my RP / BE on the account?

Boosters are NOT allowed to use any BE / RP without your permission or consent.

You should not be worried, we keep it as professional as possible !

Can i spectate or watch my booster while he plays?

Yes, absolutely !

You can either use a spectate website such as op.gg

Or you can request the booster to Stream on Twitch or Youtube ( Extra cost ) depending on your needs.

Can i change my booster if he is under performing and how?

Yes, you can.

All you have to do is explain the situation and the reason for the booster change.

You can do that by contacting us via Live chat or Discord.

We will replace him / her as soon as possible with a different booster !

What happens if the booster gets my account banned?

We have strict rules on in game behavior.

That means the booster will NOT use the in game chat for any reason, he will also NEVER use 3rd party software of any kind.

We offer a boosting guarantee / warranty up to 14 days after the boost was completed.

How long does the lol boost take?

We require from the boosters to play a minimum of 7 games per day, therefore we can guarantee a minimum of 1 division per day !

There are many things which can influence the estimated time to complete your order such as but not limited to – Internet connection, League server status, AFK players and things like that which we simply cannot control.

Payment & General

How can i be sure my account info won't be stolen?

Elo Boost & Smurf Store will NEVER ask you for your email or password related to that email, so it is impossible for it to be stolen. Your account is safe with us,we NEVER share any personal info,we also do not forward it to any 3rd party services. Read more in our Privacy Policy. We do our BEST to keep it as safe as it is possible !

Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Paypal, Credit / Debit cards, Bank transfers, BitCoin and Altcoin.

I made the payment what now?

Once your order is received we forward the user / info or your in game name if its duo queue to the first available booster related to that server. If its an account order then you will receive your info such as username + password via email instantly.

Are your payment methods completely safe?

Yes indeed , all our payment methods are encrypted , extremely safe and professional no one except you is able to view your personal information.

I made a mistake during my order can you help me?

Yes , please contact us either via Discord / Skype / Email or via our support live chat. We are always there to help you out !

I cannot find an answer to my question.

Please use our form below to send us your suggestions / questions / issues you might have and we will get back to you as soon as possible , also reach us via Skype / Discord / E-mail.

How do i claim my warranty?

In case you have encountered any issues with our service we will gladly help you with your warranty and / or in some cases offer a partial or full refund.Please contact us with the problem so we can help you with your warranty. Customer satisfaction is our #1 Priority !

How to track my orders / view my downloads?

You can track your orders from the order tracking page :

Click here

And you can view your downloadable content on this page here :

Click here

I would like to apply for a job at Elo Boost & Smurf Store how do i do that?

We are always in need of active people to help out with our service. You can apply & fill in the boosting or coaching form on the following link : Click here

Accounts Q & A

How long do i have to wait for the account to be delivered?

We offer 24/7 Instant Delivery via e-mail if you pay with PayPal, Card or Bitcoin.

If the Account Information does not arrive within 10 minutes, please contact us.

How long is the account warranty?

Lifetime Warranty, please note we do not cover the following :

1) User toxicity, negative attitude, flaming of other players ( This includes Chat Restrictions )

2) Charge backs – If you traded with someone for stolen RP or similar and you get banned for that, we cannot cover it since you assume responsibility for that.

3) 3rd Party Software ( Scripting ) is also not covered.

We do our best to Guarantee you absolute safety and High Quality Accounts that will meet your highest possible standards !

Can i change the email ?

Yes, you can.

The accounts can arrive with the following email status :

1) Unverified – The email was never attached, you can just put your own and start playing.

2) Verified – The email was verified by our staff members, within 24 hours you receive the email change request to the mail you provided during checkout.

I didn't receive the account, what now?

1) The database ran out of accounts, please contact us with your Order ID and we will fix this for you as soon as possible. ( Usually takes about 10 minutes )

2) You overlooked the email received, please search for an email from ” Elo Boost & Smurf Store ”

3) You provided the wrong email address during the checkout process and/or the recipient cannot be reached. This includes misspelling errors. Contact us and we can solve it.

4) Our email containing the account information was marked as ” spam ” or ended up in the junk folder.

Please Contact us and we will solve this for you in a timely manner.

Do i get recovery info ?

Currently we do not provide recovery information since we do not have it.

Most of these accounts were acquired during 2013-2017, so the majority of the recovery info was lost during our migration process.

Do you sell accounts below Level 30 ?

Currently we only sell Level 30 Accounts.

We do have plans to expand our catalogue in the near future, you can subscribe to notifications and receive the news as soon as it’s out !

Are your accounts botted?

Some of the accounts are Botted ( High BE accounts ) and they include Lifetime Ban Warranty in case the account gets banned due to our leveling up process.

Other accounts are Hand Leveled which means they come with absolutely 0% risk.

I need a good smurf account, what do you have?

Currently We Offer Ideal level 30+ smurf accounts that meet all your expectations.

We have high BE accounts, accounts with many skins / champions it all really depends on what you prefer.

I need a specific account that i couldn't find in your store, can you help me ?

Do you need an account with specific champions / skins or ward skins / league season rewards ? No problem !

Contact us and we will try to find exactly what you need in our account catalog.


In case you cannot find what you are looking for or :

– you need help with your issue

– you have a question

– you have a business proposal for us

don’t hesitate to contact us via our form below , we will answer within 12 hours .

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