A World Awoken – Taivan Mount

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You receive the Good Boy’s Leash Ground Mount Guaranteed,

Dragonflight Meta-Achievement: [A World Awoken].

You also will unlock various Battle Pets, Mounts, Titles & More!

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How to get the Good Boy's Leash Mount?

You can obtain the Good Boy’s Leash Mount (also known as the Taivan Mount) by completing the biggest meta-achievement in Dragonflight – A World Awoken.

This adorable dog mount requires you to tackle nearly every piece of content from the expansion, ranging from quests, reputations, world events and open world treasures and rares.

Taivan is also the only dog mount with this model, so it’s definitely worth the grind!

What are the Rewards for completing A World Awoken?

How to unlock the A World Awoken Achievement in WoW?

Earning [A World Awoken] is not an easy task – it will require you to complete 14 other meta-achievements from WoW’s newest expansion – Dragonflight.

Here is a brief description of what is required to earn the achievement for the lovely Taivan Mount :

  1. Vault of the Incarnates – complete the Vault of Incarnates raid on any difficulty level.
  2. Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible – complete Aberrus raid instance on any difficulty level.
  3. Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope – complete Amirdrassil raid instance on any difficulty level.
  4. Myths of the Dragonflight Dungeons – complete all eight original Draonflight Dungeons on Mythic Difficulty.
  5. Loremaster of the Dragon Isles – complete the main campaign as well as all the side quests in the four original zones.
  6. Friend of the Dragon Isles – complete certain important (lore-wise) quests within the Dragon Isles.
  7. Dragon Quests – complete several daily quests and campaigns within Dragonflight.
  8. Oh My God, They Were Clutchmates – reach maximum renown/reputation with all the Dragonflight factions.
  9. Dragon Isles Pathfinder – complete the main campaigns of major patches and explore all the zones.
  10. Across the Isles – complete meta-achievements from each zone and expansion feature.
  11. You Know How to Reach Me – complete all the achievements in post-storm Forbidden Reach.
  12. Que Zara(lek), Zara(lek) – complete all the achievements from the Patch 10.1 zone – Zaralek Cavern.
  13. Dream On – complete achievements and quests within the Emerald Dream zone.
  14. Now THIS is Dragon Racing! – complete all Dragonriding Races within the Dragon Isles and obtain all the Glyphs.

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